Tuesday 18 June 2013

New Image...

New Logo...

After many years of success, we've decided to upgrade our brand with new logos!
You may have seen a couple of test logos over the last few weeks, but today we finalised the design and are pleased to present our new logos...

This log is our main logo for use on our new (coming soon) website, letterhead, manuals etc. We feel that this updated design represents our exceptional products.

Why logos instead of Logo?

In today's environment an elliptical logo doesn't always fit the square mould - especially Social Media sites. Therefore we asked our designer to create a logo for those situations; Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Blogger are now displaying our new image.

If you need a copy of the logo for use - just ask -

Monday 10 June 2013

Increase showroom traffic

Increase Showroom Traffic...

See and hear the difference…

Artcoustic Loudspeakers selected a Screen Excellence RF Acoustically Transparent 170” home theater screen for use in their stunning home cinema demonstration facility.
Paul Cummin from Artcoustic Loudspeakers told us “The installation was straightforward and we’ve had an increase in demonstration appointments. Clients are eager to see and hear the true cinematic experience provided with the combination of an acoustically transparent screen coupled with an exceptional sound system.

We were looking to upgrade our system again, to keep it fresh and cutting edge, so we took advantage of Screen Excellence showroom pricing. The room is used to showcase just how impressive home cinemas can be, and as such we need the very best products to create a complete system around our loudspeakers.
As we were installing our flagship Spitfire 24-12 speakers and extra subwoofers, we were looking to use a 2.37:1 ratio screen for that special cinematic experience. Having seen Screen Excellence at ISE in January, it was clear to us that these were the best screens available.

With the image resolution of the screen above 4K - making it future proof, and the best acoustically transparent properties from any screen material, the 170" 2.37:1 Screen Excellence Enlightor 4k screen was an obvious choice for us. Now it is installed, we are incredibly impressed with the screen, as are our installers and their clients.”

This is an excellent demonstration on how the combination of our Screens (available in many configurations) can improve the experience of disbelief.” says Patrice Congard MD of Screen Excellence. We are pleased with the feedback we are getting from our Ultra HD (aka 4k) Acoustically Transparent screens as well as our growing network of global registered showrooms, installers, dealers and distributors. Feel free to contact us about showroom and distribution opportunities; we have a strong distribution network that gets credit for all sales in their area regardless if purchased direct or through the network.

Contact Artcoustic Loudspeakers for a demonstration and to see and hear the Screen Excellence screen in action.

Mr. Paul Cummin 
Tel: 01245 400904