Wednesday 18 September 2013

Screen Cleaning

Cleaning Enlightor 4k...

There are two ways we recommend to remove stains on EN4K:

1) Vanish Stick (available in most supermarkets or online) 
  • use a damp dish cloth and rub a corner of cloth on the stick. 
  • Apply this on the stain using a circular motion. 
  • Repeat the process if necessary until the stain is barely there. 
  • Let the patch you treated to dry to see the full result.

2) Spray on-Wipe off Fabric cleaner for dissolving oil and grease. You can buy it from internet.

Neither product is endorsed by Screen Excellence and we do not guarantee that they will work in your case. You should always test a small section of the screen to ensure that the product you are using will not damage or discolour the screen in any way. Use either product at your own risk.

We provide this information as it has proven helpful to other people.

What is important to consider when designing a Home Theater?

What is important to consider when designing a Home Theater?

The performance of a Home Theatre is to be judged on one criterion only: 
Does the spectator believe the movie they are watching is reality? In other terms, does it achieve a suspension of disbelief?

Now, how does this work?

The spectator has 5 senses working, like in any situation. In real life, they feel, the sense of smell and the taste are only stimulated occasionally (mainly because humans have a, relatively, poor sense of smell), whereas the sight and hearing are in permanent activity.

Because of this, we are used to apprehend our environment by relying hugely on these two senses, sight and sound.

Now, let’s sit in a comfortable armchair in a Home Theater, and dim the light. What do we actually perceive?

Well, what we see is a screen. 

What we hear is a sound, which is also coming from the screen.

Let’s note here that if the sound we hear is not coherent with the image we see, like if it is coming from outside the image whereas it should obviously come from inside, then there is no suspension of disbelief. The discrepancy immediately underlines that we are not in the real life

So, this is so important that I want to repeat it: What we see is only the screen, and what we hear comes from the screen.

Do you really think the screen is to be a cheap accessory?  

Actually, it is the most important part of the whole installation, and it deserves a lot of attention. In fact, the screen will determine whether you have a great Home Theater that delivers the true cinematic experience…or fail.

The best practice to design a great Home Theater is to start from the screen. Its specifications have to be:

  1. Acoustic transparency: the sound needs to be totally coherent with the image
  2. Total immunity to moiré effect: Any trace of moiré will immediately reveal that you are not living the action, but watching a lousy video
  3. Total absence of artifacts, like hotspotting for instance
  4. Resolution: The texture of the screen has to me smaller than the smallest pixel. This is particularly stringent with Ultra HD, aka 4K
  5. Colour neutrality
  6. Size adapted to a proper viewing angle (35°  per side, typically), according to the distance of the preferred seating

Now, once these conditions are met, you can go a little further with curved screens (more immersive) and with screens fitted with masks to adapt various aspect ratios.

Once you have the right screen, you can select the projector accordingly (it has to be bright enough once calibrated to provide over 15 ft.Lbt), the sound system (it has to be loud enough without distortion to match the size of the image. Please note that the larger the image, the louder it needs to be until you reach the limit set by unpleasantness)

Finally, you will end up with the decoration, which eventually you will not appreciate whilst watching a movie…

In conclusion, I feel the most important part of a Home Theater is the screen, because it is where it all happens. This is the very reason why I have become a screen manufacturer

Friday 13 September 2013

Sound advice …

Sound advice for home theatre success…

More and more home cinema enthusiasts are beginning to appreciate that for a True Cinematic Experience, the sound must flow from behind the screen. In addition, they need 4K UltraHD imaging quality without compromise or moiré effect – both are delivered with Screen Excellence’s Enlightor 4k woven screen technology.

An ISVR sound study, to be published in November, indicates that there is no better Acoustically Transparent Woven screen on the market, than Enlightor 4k, AND that woven screens are superior to micro-perfed screens with respect to sound loss.

We, like everyone, are sad to hear about Mr. Dolby’s passing as he defined cinematic sound. Like other sound professionals he appreciated the need for a quality screen that not only provides exceptional video imaging, but also delivers high quality sound flow!

Consider some of these sound clients:

Loudness films studios (Lisbon-Portugal) with a 4.8m RF Screen. I have to say I was blown away with the quality of the screen! It is a woven one, not perforated and it behaves beautifully, both visually and acoustically. There's no HF roll-off, just a smooth, linear attenuation of about 2dB across the whole spectrum. No screen loss compensation!

This Institute preserves national archives and provides audio education and training.

NTV –Kino Atmos (Moskow-Russia) is delighted with the high quality Philip Newell design using a huge 8m Movie Partner screen.

Come see and hear the difference yourself at CEDIA USA booth (#722) where we are proud to display our screens in the following theatre demonstration rooms:

We’ve provided Wisdom Audio (Audio Room 702) with a 250-inch widescreen version featuring our flagship Enlightor 4K screen material.  The front soundstage will have three 10-foot tall line arrays, a new prototype projector from Runco, about 60kW of amplifier power, seating for 24, and of course our huge Enlightor-4K screen.  “This may be the highest-performing room at any CEDIA ever!” says Chris Seymour of Screen Excellence!

DataSat (Sound Room 18) has a high-end demo outfitted with Triad Speakers, a 3-chip Digital Projection and a 144-inch wide, widescreen using our Enlightor 4K ISF-certified screen surface

Sound matters!

See and hear the superiority provided by the high quality Enlightor 4k screens deliver!