Friday 30 August 2013

Why choose Screen Excellence Acoustic Transparent Screens...

Why choose Screen Excellence...

This blog highlights key reasons why a home theatre benefits from an Acoustic Transparent projection screen delivered by Screen Excellence.

Patrice Congard from Screen Excellence speaks to home theatre design expert Paul Cummins from Artcoustic UK.

Paul states the reasons they chose a Screen Excellence screen for their showroom include:
  • desire to upgrade the demonstration cinema 
  • always have best of the best products
  • To showcase the new flagship Spitfire 24-12SL speakers behind an acoustically transparent screen
  • bigger and better picture to complement the bigger and better sound...

The design of the home cinema is paramount! Following on from the commercial cinema experience - the speakers must be behind the screen.

There is no compromise for image quality, the sound flows through the screen to deliver a true cinematic experience.

The dealers like it and it has increased traffic to our showroom. Having an Acoustic Transparent screen is a requirement for a dedicated home theatre system.